Do you have a Go-To Gutter Guard? Here’s one of Ours.

TruGuard Gutter ProtectionTruGuard Gutter Protection’s Nose Forward Design

Quality Edge, the company behind InsideOut Underdecking and Pergola Systems, is also a leading  gutter protection innovator.  Its TruGuard Gutter Protection system has a unique nose forward design to effectively handles more water than any other gutter guard. Tru-Guard also guarantees it can keep out more falling debris than any other gutter protection system.

TruGuard Gutter ProtectionThe surface dimensions of the TruGuard system’s specially shaped nose-forward design is guaranteed to provide the maximum amount of surface tension, therefore handling as much or more water than any other gutter protection system.

TruGuard has a specially formed “tri-sectioned” nose which was exclusively engineered to allow debris to fall off at three different points while channeling the water into the gutter.

Systems with round and neutral designs tend to draw debris in. Other systems which are nose-neutral or even nose-back still allow falling leaves, acorns and other airborne objects to enter your rain management system.

TruGuard Gutter ProtectionFlat systems from other manufacturers allow leaves and debris to accumulate on top almost creating a compost like environment which inevitably prevents water from entering your gutters.

TruGuard Gutter Protection Features

TruGuard’s patented Bracket with Bridge Technology strengthens existing gutters and gives consistent surface tension. TruGuard products are constructed from sustainable materials, recycled aluminum alloy.

The finish surface offers the best UV protection available. The Kynar paint finish resists fading and chalking ensuring consistent surface tension throughout the life of the product.

TruGuard Gutter Protection works with any Roof System

TruGuard covers become an extension of your existing roof system. They keep water from getting behind your gutters and provide the right amount of slope for maximum surface tension.

TruGuard Gutter ProtectionFor metal, slate, Spanish tile, and most wood shake roof systems TruGuard offers a fascia mount system custom fitted to slide under your roofs perimeter edge flashing.

TruGuard panels are also available in a ported style for high volume areas or roof systems that require them.