Start Here. Build Anywhere. Construction Career Path by Fox

The Construction Career Path was created for one purpose: to create job fulfillment in the Siding and Roofing trades in Michigan. Here at Fox, we believe education comes in many forms, and intelligence is found in every trade. Which is why we’ve created a program to help train and foster professional development for skilled trade workers.

For the last two to three decades, our society has emphasized college as one of the few acceptable life paths. In doing so, we’ve done damage to the skilled trades industries – not just in stigma – but in actual dollars earned. Also, Michigan has seen construction labor shortages from, well probably the dawn of time.

With Fox Brothers delivering everything else for builders and contractors here in Michigan for over 30 years, why not offer skilled employees to our customers? Giving someone an opportunity to build themselves a career, affecting the labor shortage, AND helping out our loyal customers? Sounds like a win-win-win to us!

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