Why Service Matters.

Should customer service matter in building materials supply?  We believe so.

Fox Brothers Company is dedicated to sharing one undeniable business principle: in our highly connected, modern world, the human side of business is not just “nice” or “the right thing to do”, its vital to success. Even more, a relentless focus on people – clients AND employees – is absolutely essential to a business’s survival.

A quick example: George Boldt, the first general manager and eventual owner of the Waldorf Astoria hotel. George’s starting salary (in 1892!) was $1 million a year. Boldt’s unrelenting passion for serving his customers led his employer to tell him, “I would gladly have paid you more.” As you can imagine, Boldt’s story leaves an impression with us as a family company.

Service is our Culture.

Our staff strives every day to spoil our customers rotten – so rotten they’d be ruined for the competition. That’s why we have multiple showrooms throughout Michigan, offer free delivery service, to almost any job site or rooftop, can custom spec any project and offer only the best building materials available. That’s why we’re open 10 hours every weekday, and 6 days a week. That’s why our expert sales staff are more consultants for projects than pressure salespeople. And its also why we pick up any extra materials for free, help you dispose of scrap and old material properly, and offer bargain materials that are always new and workable.  We believe service works, and with competition all around us we feel like we’re thriving.

Over the years, we’ve made service a cultural thing here at Fox and we’ve got amazing customers to prove it. We’ve also made some remarkable friends along the way – we love working with other business leaders who get it – that service is paramount to good business.  A sincere Thank You to our clients,  for being loyal and expecting the service we love to give.