Roofing and Siding Careers Available in Michigan.


Looking for a change in careers?

If you are unemployed and you are looking for a career change, then it’s a great idea to check out the amazing opportunities found in the residential roofing and the siding trades sector. Unlike any other similar fields of work, this particular one doesn’t require that much investment in the first place, because you can get the necessary training on the job, which is great!

We are looking for you! No experience needed.

This is exactly what you get with Fox Brothers Company! We are recruiting professional, entry level workers that want to place their expertise and skills to the test in one of the best, highest quality companies in this industry. We are offer you the ability to work with local roofing as well as siding companies in the Lansing, Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids Michigan areas. All the persons we hire receive on-site training, so there is no need for previous knowledge, as we will help you train the right way and acquire the necessary experience to advance in this field of work.

By working with Fox Brothers Company not only will you be able to obtain an amazing experience as you improve your roofing and siding skills, but at the same time you will have the opportunity to enjoy a high quality workplace which is fully equipped to suit your needs. 

Start here, Build Anywhere.

Fox Brothers Company also helps you by offering a professional development which will help you understand how you can manage job sites, crews and all the other information you might need in order to fulfill your career and take it to the next level. 

Career changes can come very hard in today’s day and age, where people tend to focus on a single industry and advance in it. What you get with our company is different, because we help you shift focus and change your life unlike never before, without having to risk anything. On the contrary, you receive all the necessary training and a great set of guidelines that will help you make the right decisions when advancing in this field of work. 

We’ll help every step of the way.

Fox Brothers Company has a wonderful and friendly team to work with, so you will be welcomed into the family immediately. If you are in the crossroads of your life and feel that you need a career change, then this is the perfect opportunity to move onward and make a difference in your life. The results will be well worth it and your life will turn a new leaf. 

Working with Fox Brothers Company is an opportunity that you rarely get twice in your life, as here you acquire the best and most professional experience in the siding trades and residential roofing sector. If you want to work with a professional team and advance your career, then you should contact Fox Brothers Company right now. “Start here. Build Anywhere.” and take your career to the next level, while also being well paid. Sounds great? Reach out and get started right now!