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Fox Brothers is excited to add Matterhorn Metal Roofing to it’s product offering. Not only does Matterhorn Metal Roofing add dimension, character and color to your home – it also lasts a lifetime. Matterhorn’s lifetime warranty guarantees you piece of
mind in the life of your roof. matterhornicons3

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From the Manufacturer:

Michigan Company – Quality Edge

For quite a while now the roofing industry has been dominated by asphalt. The trouble is that asphalt has all the disadvantages of a toxic and degradable material. That’s why a lot of homeowners have been turning to metal roofing when it’s time to choose a roof.

For Quality Edge and our Matterhorn Metal Roofing, we chose high performance deep draw steel, especially designed for a residential roof. That steel is key to the four big reasons why people choose metal roofing.


First of all, a metal roof is uniquely durable, standing up to hail, wind, fire, snow, water, and sun. Metal roofs typically last 2 to 4 times as long as asphalt.


Secondly, a metal roof has incomparable value, which stems from its long life, as well as energy efficiency. A cool metal roof is proven to reduce the roof’s temperature on hot days, and that can mean energy savings of up to 40%.

Environmental Benefit

A third main benefit of a metal roof is for the environment. With asphalt shingles, most will end up in a landfill within a few decades. Steel is recyclable – 100%.


In the end, many people choose metal roofing for its beauty. The Matterhorn Metal Roofing line from Quality Edge comes in several profiles, and a whole array of colors:



Forged from steel, Matterhorn Metal Roofs are literally stronger than steel. Each panel is comprised of:

1. Kynar™ 5000 Ceramic Pigmented Technology (Meets or exceeds AAMA 621-02)

2. Zinc Phosphate

3. Thermally Deposited Anti Corrosive Coating

4. Carbon Alloy Steel Core


The 2013 Stimulus Package provides significant tax credits to homeowners who installed a painted or coated Energy Star® labeled metal roof. Homeowners who installed qualified roofs in 2012 and 2013 may be eligible for a tax credit worth up to 10% of the materials cost (materials only) up to $500 per home.

How to receive the tax credit:

  1. Confirm that the metal roof you select is a painted or coated Energy Star-labeled metal roof and obtain certification from your Matterhorn contractor or the manufacture – Quality Edge.
  2. Verify the metal roof was installed between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2013.
  3. Fill out IRS Form 5695 when filing your taxes for 2012 and/or 2013.

For more information on these Tax Credit go to the Energy Star web page on qualified metal roofs or review the IRS guidance on qualifying energy-efficient property.


Like a friend who is “true as steel,” a metal roof can be reliable and dependable. Among its other properties, steel is known for its remarkable longevity. People looking for a roof that will last a lifetime often choose a steel roof.

Durability refers to a material’s ability to withstand force and stress, existing for a long period without appreciable deterioration. Indeed durability is one of the central properties of steel, and one of the reasons cultures around the world first started adding carbon to iron. Steel roofs are resistant to the rot and decay that affect organic roofing materials, and a Galvalume coating prevents rust from forming on the steel. The durability of a metal roof simply cannot be matched by many roofing alternatives.

Steel’s long-term performance characteristics make it the ideal roofing material. Low maintenance steel roofs are known for resistance to fire, wind, insects, and deterioration. Steel roofs are also specified to withstand high winds, hail, and heavy snow. The remarkable properties of steel make it an excellent choice as a long-lasting roofing solution.


Steel can be not only a beautiful roofing choice, but a sensible choice as well. Many find that the return on investment of steel roofing can justify the up-front cost of the valuable raw material. Given the long life of a steel roof, the investment usually averages out over time to be less costly than other materials, particularly when the costs of one-time installation are compared to an alternative that would require several installations during the same time period.

Apart from the savings associated with a metal roof’s long life, metal roofing can also allow other savings, depending on your location and current available programs. Energy savings related to a cool metal roof should be factored in to the analysis. And in some cases, tax credits are even available for green building programs and the EPA’s Energy Star programs. In some areas, home owner’s insurance rates are lower for metal roofs, which should also be factored in over the lifetime of the roof.

Steel is a unique roofing choice in that, when its life as a roof is complete, the material will still have value and may even be reusable for a different purpose, or at least recyclable. In general, the cost of metals tends to increase, so the value of the raw materials used in a steel roof also tends to increase. A metal roof not only lasts – it has lasting value.

The long life, low maintenance cost, and energy efficiency of a metal roof add up to a relatively attractive life cycle cost.



>> Competition: Clay tile is relatively resistant to wind because of its massive weight. Concrete Shake manufacturers offer no wind warranty on their products. Typical Asphalt can average anywhere from 0-120 MPH depending on brand.

>> MATTERHORN: Every Matterhorn™ Metal Roof has been independently laboratory tested to withstand winds up to 130 MPH, which is equivalent to an F2 tornado. Wind Uplift tested to UL 1897.




>> Competition: Tile and Concrete Tile can break from freeze/thaw and from the sheer weight of snow.

>> MATTERHORN: All Matterhorn™ Metal Roofs were purposefully designed to withstand the harshest winter climates.




>> Competition: Over time, Tile roofs become brittle and easily susceptible to hail damage. Concrete Tile also exhibits cracks and breaks during severe hail storms. Asphalt hail ratings vary greatly between manufacturers.

>> MATTERHORN: Even severe, wind-driven hail is no match for our Class 4 rated Matterhorn™ Metal Roofs. Class 4 Hail Rating tested to FM4470.




>> Competition: Tile and Concrete Tile roofs can warp during a fire or collapse from weight. Asphalt fire ratings vary from good to excellent depending on the manufacturer.

>> MATTERHORN: All Matterhorn™ panels hold the highest fire rating available: a Class A Fire Rating. Fire Resistance tested to ASTM E108.