Natural Stone Vs. Manufactured Stone Veneer

natural stone vs manufactured stone

There’s no doubt that the look of a stone exterior house is very much in style today for the modern home. If you are a homeowner thinking of applying a stone exterior texture, whether with full or partial coverage, there are different options to choose from. Varying by look and make, there are plenty of options for your next remodeling or home building project.

Natural or Manufactured Stone

Between natural quarried stone and manufactured quarry stone, the look is actually very much the same. Both stone types (natural and manufactured) feature randomized patterns of stone shapes as a veneer applied to a surface. Surfaces with veneer are typically walls on the exterior of the home or the interior of the home such as an accent wall, fireplaces, kitchen islands, and pillars or entryways to the home.

When it comes to natural quarried stone, it is much more expensive than the manufactured product and also much more costly and difficult to transport due to its weight. It’s important to note that if you are looking to purchase the real thing, you should utilize a large area of the home for the application because the weight demands larger footings. There are certain times you will need to use natural stone rather than manufactured such as with certain areas exposed to water. While rainwater won’t harm manufactured stone, water containing chemicals such as drinking fountains and pools will deteriorate manufactured stone. Masons also prefer natural stone because the trim for natural stone is easier to see with its difference in the interior.

If you’re looking to save on cost and don’t care about having the “real deal”, manufactured stone is an excellent alternative. Manufactured stone not only costs less, but it also comes in a much larger range of options to choose from as well.

Types of Stone Veneer

Michigan is known for its natural quarried stone. Many times, it can be difficult to find wider ranges of stone color patterns for natural stone. However, Fox Brothers works with an excellent supplier of real natural stone that carries over 70 varieties of natural stone perfect for indoor or outdoor placement. Stone types include granite, limestone, marble, quartzite, sandstone, slate, and travertine.

As for manufactured stone types, possibilities are virtually endless. Most customers of purchasing manufactured stone for their remodeling or home build project tend to prefer manufactured stone that looks like it’s natural counterpart. Fox Brother’s manufactured stone distributor carries 10 different product lines that range in color and pattern within each as well.

No matter the project you are thinking of making a reality, Fox Brothers Company can work within your budget to find just the right style suited for you. Stone veneer makes any home become updated in a short amount of time no matter if it’s natural or manufactured.