More Mild Winter Equals A Great Time To Remodel


No doubt this winter is mild for Michigan

Every once in a while Mother Nature blesses us with a mild winter. This has been one of those special times. Even in Michigan where winter hits hard and furiously, we have seen 60 degree days and no snow in sight for multiple days. This is the perfect time to take begin those remodeling projects we always mean to address but often avoid because of freezing temperatures. Don’t struggle through another Michigan winter with the issues you fought last year.

Why now?

All year long, our homes are abused by the weather. Summer sun dries and bakes the materials our homes are constructed of. Spring brings growth of trees with branches and roots that often damage roofs and overhangs. Siding, foundations and walk ways are also affected. Fall brings cold rain which drenches the compromised materials and the wind which drives the moisture into cracks and crevices. Before we even realize the extent of the damage the weather has done, winter is upon us. We find ourselves paying huge utility costs and struggling through the season because snow keeps us from making needed repairs.    In winter is when we USUALLY find our homes are drafty and cold. Windows are no longer air tight and we begin to see problems with the foundation. Living in an area where snowfall is heavy brings its own issues with maintaining a home. The cold moisture affects chimneys, seams and connections for roofs and windows. As the winter invades our home, our appliances can be affected as the lubricants thicken. Not only is the cold winter weather uncomfortable to us, it is damaging to an unrepaired house and it costs homeowners huge amounts of money annually as our heating dollars seep out doors.   Mild winters allow us the time to remodel, repair and correct issues spring, summer and fall have introduced before winter weather takes them to a whole new level.

What to have done…

Homeowners can correct many problems by installing siding on their house. This seals a lot of minor problems, and siding is very energy efficient. Your house will look better, feel more comfortable and be much easier to heat and cool. The savings in the winter are continued through the summer when cooling the home is also more cost effective.    Consult professionals regarding the types of building materials you need for long lasting protection. Replacing old windows and doors keeps your house climate controlled and gives it the cosmetic upgrade you want.    This is a great time to have your roof inspected as well. The roof is the first part of the house that is compromised by weather and the last place you will realize has a problem. Replacing, repairing, or installing a more effective ventilation system on your roof now in the milder part of winter will pay for itself in heating fuel savings.    This mild winter is a rarity in Michigan. Take full advantage of it now and you can start the New Year with a beautiful and energy efficient home.