Minor installation mistakes can cause major problems for your home

Flawless installation is vital. Even minor details missed can cause major problems for your home and your wallet!

An interesting article by Glenn Mathewson in Journal of Light Construction tells the story of an inspection he performed in response to a call he got from a homeowner. She was concerned that her siding had been drooping during rain and was rather upset that he, as her inspector a few years prior, had passed her home’s siding inspection with ease.

After going out to the home as a skeptical courtesy, the inspector found that indeed the siding was sagging. After a more in depth inspection revealed that the fascia and gutter had been cut to meet the angle of the roof in order for proper flow of water from the garage to the valley. The setup was unique, however it would have worked fine if it weren’t for there being no apparent flashing under the minute piece of gutter – a minor oversight. Combine this with the fact that the soffit from the garage was up tight to the shingles and past the fascia, the water was making its way under the fascia, on top of the soffit and eventually down behind the siding. The original contractor was called and the issue was fixed within minutes, but the fact remained: some minute detail had significantly endangered the integrity of the entire project.

Both of these issues on their own may not have caused problems, and would even pass most code inspections – but combine them together in the same spot – its a recipe for disaster. Take heed and hire the best installers you can afford.