Get your home out of the Gutter, with a new Gutter System.

It may be winter but in a lot of ways, this mild winter feels like spring! And spring is right around the corner. The rains are about to fall and trees are about to bud. Throughout summer and fall in Michigan, gutter inevitably get clogged with all sorts of yard debris. Have you cleaned out your gutters before winter? This mild winter may just save you. It sounds like just another tedious chore, but neglecting your gutters could have serious consequences for your home. So if you haven’t done it, do it now!

Don’t Have a Gutter System on your home? Here’s why its important:

Your home’s roof gutter system has only one purpose: to manage the rainwater that falls on the roof, and directs it to the most desirable location. By keeping the rainwater away from the home, the foundation of the house is protected and erosion is significantly reduced. Leakages into the basement and crawlspaces are almost entirely avoided, and siding and paint finishes are preserved for longer.
Without a roof gutter, rainwater will splash down the ground in all directions, and this will cause many problems and inconveniences with a lot of areas of your home. To name a few:

  • DECK: Rainwater splashing on your wooden deck invites an infiltration of termites. Termites love to hang around and multiply on moist wood.
  • FOUNDATION: constant accumulation of moisture can weaken the foundation of a house.
  • WALLS: Moisture can also seep in the walls every time it rains, so it can cause your walls to crack. Because of this, Doors can also be caused to misalign.

A good gutter system in the house can minimize the cost of your home renovation. This is because, given the benefits of having a roof gutter, the structure is protected and may need little else to repair.

What are Gutters Made Of?

Gutters can be made from a wide selection of materials. It can be made of cast iron, galvanized steel, painted steel, copper, zinc, aluminum, concrete, wood, PVC or other plastics. Some roof specialists provide a system that filters the leaves and other debris that accumulate on the roof over time. This will make it easier to clean and for the water to pass through.

If you do have a gutter system on your home, its important to clean them regularly.

The Importance of Gutter Cleaning

  • Rotted Wood: When the gutters become clogged, they aren’t able to regulate the rainwater as they normally would. Instead the water gets pooled up and overflows in all the wrong areas. This could cause moisture to remain on your roof, shingles, and fascia board. Before you know it, your roof is rotting from the inside out and rainwater will be filling your attic!
  • Broken Gutters: The weight of all that debris and water could become heavy enough to snap off even large portions of your gutter!
  • Warped Siding: Moisture can seep behind fascia, drip edge and siding and over time can cause it to sag and warp, further accentuating the problem area
  • Ruined Driveways and Sidewalks: All this excess water flow could seep beneath your driveways and sidewalks causing them to sag and crack.
  • Vermin Infestation: Large clumps of leaves like this make ideal living situation for all manner of pests. Mice, birds, other plants could all use this as their breeding ground. Then once spring hits, a large infestation of mosquitoes will breed in that exact same spot.
  • Basement Leaks and Cracked Foundations: It may seem counter-intuitive, but clogged gutters are one of the most common causes of flooded, leaky basements. The overflowing water pools at the foundation eventually causing cracks which quickly lead to leaks.