Fox Brothers Guide to Preparing your Home for Fall

Preparing your home for fall

As an expert in providing exterior home materials, Fox Brothers knows that while fall is a fun season, it can also be a cue to start working on your home. There are many aspects of colder temperatures that can slowly weather down your house, especially if you aren’t ready for it.

Roof Check

Most of the steps you’ll need to take aren’t overly complicated, but important nevertheless. In fact, most of the steps are simply checking over your home exterior, beginning with your roof. Naturally, your roof is the most important part of your home as a shelter, not including the walls, so making sure it is in top shape is important. All you need to do is perform an overall inspection of what’s up there, primarily the shingles. Loose or worn shingles aren’t very good at their jobs, and could suffer significant damage during the fall. Get them replaced beforehand for much less money as opposed to doing it afterward.

Siding Check

Along the same lines, you’ll need to check the siding of your home. Like the shingles of your rooftop, siding is meant to protect the more vulnerable materials of your home from inclement weather and debris. If they’re damaged, you risk incurring further damages to the more expensive materials beneath the siding. Making sure that everything is in decent shape is very important.

Gutter Cleaning

Of course, what everyone thinks of when fall rolls around are the leaves. And what many people attribute to that is how they clog their gutters. That is, unfortunately, the case during fall, and you need to make sure your gutters are completely clear of debris before the leaves begin to fall as well. Granted, you’ll still have to clean them out regularly once fall begins, but the first time you perform that maintenance will be much easier if it’s clear in the first place.

Clear Water Drainage

For the same reason, you also need to check your water drainage. When this gets clogged, you risk a lot of water damage to your property, and clogging is easier than ever when the leaves of fall begin their descent. Water damage is extremely costly to fix, and if you can prevent it in any way, you should. Again, you’ll need to clean out your drain pretty regularly, but it won’t be as much of a hassle the second time if you have cleaned it out beforehand.

Window and Door Draft Check

And finally, you’ll want to check for windy drafts near your windows and doors. Fall becomes cooler in some areas, and a lot of people prefer to keep their homes warm during that time. That said, having a drafty entrance to the home will make it much harder to keep that warmth, so you should check all of your doors and windows before fall arrives with cracks and openings that allow drafts.

That said, none of these steps are overly complex or complicated, but they are all critical in providing your home with the readiness it needs for fall.