Finding the Right Window for Your Style of Home

Types of windows from Fox Brothers

Whether you are building a new home, or are doing an update, windows are an important investment for any structure. Windows are not only functional and energy efficient, they add to the style of your home as a major focal point. No matter what size budget you are working with, there are options to choose from that will fit. Taking a closer look at the types of windows and their style is a great place to get you started.

Aluminum windows from Fox Brothers

Aluminum Windows

An ideal choice for all types of window applications is aluminum. Aluminum windows are able to offer an array of durability options as well. Ranges in durability are able to accommodate any home or apartment model. Aluminum windows provide a maintenance-free exterior for the homeowner. This is because aluminum is particularly excellent at lasting against the outdoor elements. Aluminum is also very versatile in its look. What is great for homeowners is that aluminum windows can be manipulated into any shape or color to fit the particular look of your home.  

Vinyl windows from Fox Brothers

Vinyl Windows

With several brands of windows offering vinyl, this is a great option for “window shopping on a budget”. Vinyl windows are cost effective and are a great alternative to more expensive styles such as wood or fiberglass. Another benefit to purchasing vinyl is that you can easily customize them to match the style of home you are going for. Any shape you can think of can be arranged for cutting, along with a variety of color options and finishes for a particular design.

As far as maintenance goes, vinyl windows are extremely easy to maintain and protect. Almost no maintenance at all is needed after installation because vinyl windows don’t need to be painted or sanded like other window fixtures. Cleaning is simple as well with no special instruction or method.

If energy-efficiency is important in your selection, vinyl windows are available in several energy-efficient options. Investing in energy-efficient windows is a great way to save on heating your home for years. Vinyl windows, specifically, are an excellent material for thermal insulation compared to other window options.

Fiberglass windows from Fox Brothers and Ultrex

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows are windows made up of pultruded fiberglass material creating a tough and long-lasting product. Ultrex pultruded fiberglass is not only durable and stable, but also is low-maintenance for upkeep and energy-efficient. Compared to vinyl windows, fiberglass is eight times stronger. Window strength does more than resist shattering from accidents or storm damage, it plays a part in what is known as “sagging”. When your house settles over time, window fixtures will begin to sag and not close properly. The strength of fiberglass helps to prevent this process from occurring.  

Fiberglass with Wood windows from fox brothers and ultrex

If you love the strength of a fiberglass window, but want the look of a wooden window there is another option. The other option available for a more rustic looking home is to go with an Ultrex/Wood window. By combining the strength of fiberglass with the beauty of a wood interior, you don’t have to sacrifice look or durability.

Wood windows from fox brothers

Wood Windows

Wood window fixtures have an incredibly natural look to them. Wood windows are known to increase the retail value of a home being of a craftsman-like style that will increase your return on investment. Not only do wood windows provide curb appeal to your house but they also are unmatched in their ability to insulate the home. Insulation will keep your house much cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Wood windows are also an excellent choice if you want to avoid fogging on your windowpane because the don’t attract any condensation. As far as customization, wood windows can be tailored to your specifications. Anything from the grille, aluminum cladding color, or sash configuration can be altered to fit your style.

If you need a replacement done, or are looking to build, there are experts available to help you in your window buying process. Start with your budget and style to find the best window selection for your home.