Embrace Energy Efficiency in 2014

Here at Fox Brothers, we pride ourselves on promoting quality, energy efficient products. I mean, what’s not to like about taking a standard remodeling or new construction project and turning it into a high-performance home that is more comfortable, healthy, and efficient than most other homes? But we’re in the construction industry, so we get excited in places the market maybe hasn’t caught up yet.

Nevertheless,  we know it won’t cost the homeowner any less to use truly sustainable or energy efficient building materials for their remodel or build, and often may cost slightly more.   We also know the savings for the home owner is more “long-term” – seen through lower energy costs, ease of maintenance and now, with significantly more durable product lines than a decade or so ago – construction companies all across the country are inheriting green and sustainable practices as a major part of their go-to-market strategy.

home energy efficiency infographic

Truthfully, it does not cost much, if any, more than legal, quality construction work—follow codes and installation instructions and you are most of the way there. But to have it be a growth strategy, builders and contractors will need to OWN it in 2014.

In previous years, we’ve been content dealing with an over-abundance of under-time-tested products, especially considering our under-educated market.  However, with more major markets seeing significant shifts toward more sustainable and efficient products, the products are now MUCH BETTER – with a good amount of time on the market to work out the kinks. The market has even become more educated, as Michigan home builders and remodelers are starting to get asked for these materials more often.

Our suggestion: Embrace it. Educate your customers. Own your company’s energy efficient and sustainable practices, and your customers and bottom line will thank you.