Adding Value To Your Summer

Be Social

If you want to upgrade your home, there are many ways to make functional changes. You may consider adding a beautiful outdoor deck, which is a popular choice for many. Not only does a deck offer up great opportunities for outdoor fun and memory making over the warmer months, but it also adds to your home’s value.


Photo credit: santheo via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC

With a custom deck to suit your needs, you’ll have the perfect place to host get togethers. Barbecues, birthdays, and dinner parties are instantly more enjoyable with an outdoor space to host the event. Even though this type of addition won’t add to the square footage of your home, having another area to spend time gives the feeling of more room. No one likes to feel cramped up on a hot summer day.

Be Frugal

In addition to the value a deck adds to your quality time with friends and family, it will add to the value of your home.

Decks are also a desirable asset for new homebuyers. They add an aesthetic appeal that many buyers are drawn to. Families are traveling less, and looking to purchase homes that they can both live an play in. Families are also looking for homes they can enjoy without having to put in too much extra work or money.

Photo credit: woodleywonderworks via Visual hunt / CC BY

Photo credit: woodleywonderworks via Visual hunt / CC BY

With a deck installation being one of the least expensive home improvement projects, it is a surprise more homeowners aren’t adding them. Depending on the size, type of wood, and other additional features, a new deck can cost as low as $1,000.  Even more, statistics show that most homeowners recover at least 70% of their investment on a deck installation.

Another perk of a deck installation compared to other home projects is its timely completion. A modest deck installation doesn’t take very long to complete, averaging about a week depending on the size. Also, because the project is on the outside of your home, it won’t interfere much (if at all) with your day to day life.

Here’s How

The easiest route for installation is always contracting a company to do the work for you. Many will offer an initial quote and assessment for very little, or even free. They are experts in their field, and will be able to offer suggestions for best materials to use to meet your specific needs. Often times these companies offer warranties on their work as well.

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