Customized Home Interiors….Simply

Most industry pros agree that creating an amazing interior is best achieved by focusing the budget on details homeowners have experience with daily. But a fully custom build can get expensive. Nevertheless, to stay competitive, offering less expensive custom elements and statement pieces in your builds will be vital. Here’s some tips for creating simple solutions that create a truly customized feel.
A lot of architects will recommend paying close attention to the hallway between a home’s garage and kitchen. It’s the owner’s entry, but is often overlooked for the “front entry” – more commonly used by guests.

Your team may discuss designing one or two really strong elements that bring definition to the interior. Spend more on kitchen cabinets and maybe even bring the ceiling to a height of 11 feet. Build a fireplace with custom stone or mantle. Take advantage of local products and craftspeople to bring even more distinction these statement pieces.

You can use stock products, albeit in innovative ways – gets a more pronounced result. If your crews are even the slightest craftsmen, you can also use off-the-shelf products to provide a custom look. One builder we know looks for opportunities to include custom alcoves. Try buying stock furniture to slide into the space, seal it, and trim it out for easy, inexpensive built-ins.

You can create a custom ambience with precise lighting placement in every room. You can put in slightly smaller lights on a dimmer and place them closer to the wall for dramatic walls and almost “art exhibit” feel.

Interior doors are often overlooked as well. Try installing frosted interior doors on windowless rooms. They may cost more but they allow daylight from the house to help illuminate an otherwise foreboding room.