Common Siding Installation Failures

Errors to Avoid a Failed Fiber Cement Install

Fiber cement siding has become very common for constructions in residential and commercial properties both. This is because it has a lot of advantages like its completely termite resistant, non-combustible, water resistant, and also resists natural calamities like hurricanes and tornados when face nailed. The best thing about fiber cement siding is that they last for about 20-50 years. Yes, they are that durable.

Fiber cement siding has the following components in its composition:

  • Cellulose fiber (treated with pressurized steam) for dimensional stability and strength
  • Sand
  • Cement
  • Water

No matter how durable, useful and easy to maintain fiber cement siding is, there are certain persistent problems that occur with these. If not taken care of properly, these can reduce the lifespan of the siding and can also cause owners thousands of dollars in repairs.  Here are some common problems with fiber cement siding that occur most commonly:

Water absorption

Because fiber cement siding has been manufactured to resemble wooden products and has a wide range of applications like shingles, clapboards, vertical siding etc. Now this wide range of applications means that the material is often used in places where there is exposure to water and because the siding has cellulose as its main component water absorption becomes inevitable. It is therefore important that care be taken before and after fiber cement sidings are installed. It is essential that the sidings be allowed space for expansion due to moisture. When the sidings will have the much-needed space they require for expansion due to moisture they will not crack, swell and rot.

Proper installation

Most of the problems that occur with fiber cement sidings do so because of improper installation. Local contractors don’t pay heed to the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer and thus, use their own techniques for installing fiber cement siding. This isn’t acceptable because fiber cement sidings are very delicate when being installed and even an inch of wrong space with the nails or installation of the sidings while wet can cause them to become problematic. It is therefore very important that the manufacturer’s guidelines be followed exactly when installing fiber cement sidings.

There is a specification of clearances required for each brand of fiber cement siding that you might use. It is important that attention is paid to the specifications by the manufacturer so that when sidings hit horizontal surfaces there are minimal problems.

Not suitable for all applications

Although fiber cement is a very versatile siding opting, it isn’t really suitable for all applications. And in case the place, it is installed in isn’t compatible with the components of the product, problems are bound to occur. It is therefore very important that fiber cement sidings and other products be used while paying proper attention to the details.

It is important that homeowners always call upon professionals for the installation of fiber cement sidings. This is because the professional contractors will know their work well and will save people a lot in repair costs when installing their sidings properly.