5 Benefits of Composite Decking

Composite Deck

Enhancing the home with maintenance free decking is an excellent way to provide guests with hours of outdoor fun and entertainment. If a homeowner is trying to choose between composite and wood, they’re in the right place! In this guide, customers can learn some of the benefits of composite decking as they pertain to homeowners.

It’s an Eco-Friendly Choice

If a deck is built of wood, trees must be cut down to make it. Overharvesting of trees has a significant adverse effect on the environment, and homeowners should strive to make eco-friendly choices wherever possible. From power sources to building materials, there are many ways to reduce a home’s carbon footprint. Composite decking is made of recycled wood scraps and plastic, which reduces the environmental impact of a new deck.


This stain resistant decking is quite durable cComposite Decking ompared to conventional wooden decking, and it’s not vulnerable to rot and pest infestation. Although treated wood is resistant to such damage, it is not as strong as composite decking. When temperatures fluctuate, the wood starts to fade and warp, and breakage may occur during storm season.

Lower Maintenance

On the subject of poor weather, it can increase the maintenance cost and hassle associated with wooden decking. Sanding a splintered part of the deck requires a significant investment of time, money or both, and most decks must be stained each year. However, composite decking has no such maintenance requirements; in fact, it’s almost maintenance free.

Greater Safety

Safety is an issue for all households, particularly those with young children. Small feet are especially sensitive to splinters, and they easily slip on the wet wooden decking. Similarly, elderly family members and pets will value a slip-proof, non-splintering deck. For the ultimate in safety and durability, composite decks are the best choice for most homeowners.

Increased Home Value

Another reason many homeowners are turning to composite decking is the value it can add to a home. The customer will receive a higher return on his or her investment with this durable, low-maintenance building material. Even if the owner isn’t planning to sell right now, if it’s possible in the future, they should use this factor to aid in the decision.
With composite decking, it’s possible to turn an outdoor living space into something that can be enjoyed year-round. As is easy to see, building decks out of composite materials is a great option for the family and the home.