The Benefits of a Career in Skilled Trades

There has been a steady increase in the demand for skilled workers in the past decade. In fact even during the economic decline that hit the world hard in 2009-2010 the demand for skilled workers did not come down. There hasn’t been a sign neither is there a prediction of this demand for skilled workers slowing down in the future as well. You will not believe but the skilled trades are counted amongst the top 10 jobs that employers are facing difficulties in filling.

There are numerous benefits of working in a skilled trade industry. Here are a few definite ones that you should take into consideration before you think about a career in skilled trades: 

The construction industry is one of the most feasible and profitable of the skilled trades. Also, over the next decade about 0.25million baby boomers will retire from the construction industry alone and create spaces for new talent. Employers all over the world will be looking forward to filling these open positions with talents and skilled people. And if you are thinking of a career in skilled trade you could definitely be one of them.

Another benefit of working in the skilled trade industry is that you will never be out of a job; especially in the construction sector. This is because construction isn’t seasonal and it goes on throughout the year whether indoors or outdoors. Also, there is a demand for construction workers abroad and in the Middle East as well so job opportunities are always open.

Skilled workers in the construction industry earn more than an average worker from another industry. This means that they can afford a better lifestyle as compared to other workers. According to a report, earnings in the construction industry increased by a solid 6% which in Canada happens to be double the national average increase in pays in most industries. Also, the construction industry has more than 40-45 trades with their own hourly or daily pay rates which means there is always a chance of earning more than any other average trade.

If you don’t have a university degree or proper education, you don’t need to be disheartened. It costs very less to learn a trade and if you can get an apprenticeship program you can start making good money as soon as you get into the job. No study loans, no going into debt to pay tuition, you can just learn a trade and get going.

Bigger and better construction projects keep coming up around the world and skilled construction workers are in great demand. In resource-rich countries construction projects which are focused on the resources are always available. If you are a skilled worker you can relocate to some amazing countries and earn big. Even if you want to live in your own country, you will definitely find a number of job opportunities therein.

Consider these benefits and you will definitely find a career in the skilled trades worth a shot.